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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you start taking reservations for this year's Expo?

Online registration will begin in July. Watch for announcements on facebook and on our website.

What time do Open Show cattle have to be in place?

The Open Show cattle have to be in place by 10:00 a.m. on Thursday.

I am entering a cross bred animal and it asks for sire and dam information. What do I do?

Just put "NA" in the box to continue to the next box. Use "NA" for any information you do not have.

I do not have the registration information on my calf yet, but I want to get it entered before the deadline. What can I do?

Put "Pending" in the box and then send an e-mail to info@worldbeefexpo.com with the exhibitor name and registration information when it arrives.

Can I use two forms of payment at check out?

No, you must pay the full amount with one credit card or mail in a check for the full payment to:

World Beef Expo
P.O. Box 1
Burnett, WI 53922


What is a barn display?

It is an area to put breed or farm information near your stalling area. Tables are not included in the fee.

What is "cattle for display only"?

If you are bringing an animal that is not being shown, you must purchase a stall for that animal.

When do Junior Show cattle have to be in place?

The Junior Show cattle have to be in place by 11:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Are you having a Youth Sweepstakes?

Yes, there is will be a Youth Sweepstakes. For more information visit http://www.worldbeefexpo.com/1960/custom/34187.

Is there a fee for the Youth Sweepstakes, Showmanship, or the Fitting Clinic? Do you need to register?

There are no fees and there is no pre-registration required for the sweepstakes or the fitting clinic. Showmanship will have a sign up on Saturday. The form will be located just outside the entry office. Sign up for your age group.

What is the earliest I can arrive at the World Beef Expo?

The earliest time you can arrive at the World Beef Expo is 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

Does World Beef Expo provide bedding?

Yes. World Beef Expo provides mulch in the barns but you must provide bedding for tie outs. A limited supply of bedding can be purchased. Contact us at info@worldbeefexpo.com to order straw or hay.

What is the cost of the exhibitor dinner?

There is no cost to attend the dinner. It is sponsored by Wisconsin Cattleman's Association and American Foods Group.

What is early release?

Exhibitors that only show in Open Show may leave after 6:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Can I purchase World Beef Expo merchandise?

Yes, Images Embroidery will be selling hats and clothing items in the Trade Show area. See http://www.worldbeefexpo.com/1960/custom/53839 for pre-order items.

Can I submit additional entries after I have submitted and paid for entries?

Yes, you can submit additional entries by logging into your account and adding the additional entries.

Can I pre-buy parking tickets? 

No, parking is handled by an outside vendor.  Parking must be paid daily for entry.  Visit directions/parking page for more info.

Do you have a silent auction?  Can I donate?  Where is it located? 

Yes, we will have a silent auction.  Donations are welcomed - contact us at info@worldbeefexpo.com or call 920-479-0658 for more info. The silent auction will be held in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion.

What is the $10 fee for?

Each exhibitor is required to pay a $10 Exhibitor Fee. There is only one fee per exhibitor, even if you are entering in both Open and Junior Show or if multiple breeds are being shown.

What time does the silent auction start and end?

Silent auction will start on Thursday at 5:00 p.m. and end on Saturday at 5:00 p.m..  Please check at the end of the auction to see if you are the high bidder and to pay for your items.

Does World Beef Expo award a scholarship?  . 

Yes, visit our scholarship page for more details. 

For the Junior Show, does the animal have to be registered in the junior's name to show?


I discovered a mistake after I registered my animal. Who do I contact?

Call us at 920-479-0658 or e-mail us at info@wordlbeefexpo.com.

I found someone's keys. Where should I take them?

Please bring the item to the Entry office that is located up the hill from the Coliseum. We will try to find the owner.

Where can I buy ice?

Ice is available at the Entry Office for $5 per bag

Do I need to pre-register for Showmanship? 

Yes - The sign up sheets for all age groups will be posted near the entry office on Saturday.

Do I need to pre-register for the youth sweepstakes?

No - Sign up will be held on Saturday morning.  You should register for cattle judging at that time also.